Pre-2010 Higher Education Awards

Pre-2010 Higher Education Awards

National Academic Conditions Awards

The first national conditions awards for academic staff in Australian Universities date from the late 1980s. They reflected the divided nature of the sector at that time, in that the first such awards dealt separately with the former Colleges of Advanced Education (CAE) sector and the old university sector as follows:

Australian Post Compulsory and Higher Education Academic Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 1988 [A466] (which applied to CAEs)

Australian Universities Academic Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 1988 [A467] (which applied to universities) These two awards were in turn replaced by the:

Universities and Post Compulsory Academic Conditions Award 1995 [U0107] (known as the “Bryant Award”, and the terms of which are still often preserved in enterprise agreements)

Universities and Post Compulsory Academic Conditions Award 1999 [AP801516] (which is the simplified version of the “Bryant Award”)

National Academic Salaries Awards

The salaries awards applying to academics in the former CAE sector and the former university sector were combined into the:

Higher Education Academic Salaries Award 2002 [AP820200]
The following award applied to research specific staff in a limited range of institutions in Victoria and WA. Research specific staff in other States and Territories were covered by the national academic salaries awards or those which applied to general/professional staff.

Universities and Affiliated Institutions Academic Research Salaries (Victoria and Western Australia) Award 1989 [AP801440]

Post Compulsory Academic Conditions Awards

The following awards applied to the CAE sector and then applied in the university sector where amalgamations occurred.

Queensland Post Compulsory and Higher Education Academic Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 2002 [AP818795]

South Australian Post Compulsory and Higher Education Academic Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 2002 [AP821274]

Victorian Post-Compulsory and Higher Education Academic and Teaching Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 2002 [AP818794]

Northern Territory University Academic and Related Staff (Terms and Conditions of Service) Award 2001 [AP806673]

University of Tasmania Launceston Academic Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 2003 [AP821428]

Academic Staff (Australian Maritime College) Conditions of Employment Award 1999 [AP765704]

Academic Staff (Edith Cowan University) Award 2001 [AP818065]

Curtin University of Technology Academic Staff (Conditions of Employment) Award 1999 [AP772283]

University of Canberra Academic Staff (Conditions of Service) Award 1999 [AP801443]

In 2005 a general conditions award was made for those universities who weren’t covered by one of the above awards:

Higher Education Academic Staff Core Conditions of Employment Award 2005

Other national awards

Australian Higher Education Practice Teaching Supervision Award 1990 [AP765754] – applied to teachers at State or private schools who supervise university student teachers during practicum sessions.

National Training Wage Award 2000 [AP790899CAN] – covered trainees employed at universities under this scheme.

Tertiary Education Superannuation Scheme – Superannuation Award 1988 [AP799601] – which provided that 3% of salary must be paid to UniSuper as successor of the TESS superannuation scheme.

National general staff awards

Higher Education General and Salaried Staff (Interim) Award 1989 [AP783516]
This award (the HEGSS Award) incorporated 112 State and Territory awards and agreements applying to general staff in universities in one “umbrella” federal award. It did not apply to Victorian higher education institutions.

Higher Education General Staff Salaries and Classifications Award 2002 [AP815928]
In Victoria this Award (the HEWV Award) fulfilled the same function as the HEGSS Award and incorporated 40 former Victorian awards and agreements.

AP844616 – Higher Education Workers Victoria Award 2005 [PR965512]

General Staff classification structure

The DWM Report of 1991 is the origin of the 10 level HEW/HEO classification structure for general/professional staff that were contained in the HEGSS and HEWV Awards and are now contained in the Higher Education Industry—General Staff—Award 2020


Awards that replaced the HEGSS Award at particular universities

Queensland Universities (General Staff) Award 2000 [AP817728] – applied to Central Queensland University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Southern Queensland

Australian Maritime College (General Staff) Award 2002 [AP816411]

University of New England General Staff (Interim) Award 2000 [AP801767]

University of Adelaide General Staff (Interim) Award 2000 [AP805064]

Western Australian Universities General Staff Award 2002 [AP819322] –applied to Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University

University of Canberra General Staff Award 2001 [AP821906]

Australian Catholic University National General Staff Award 2003 [AP823098]

University of Western Sydney General Staff Award 1999 [AP821904]

Flinders University General Staff Award 2003 [AP824393]

University of Queensland General Staff Award 2003 [AP830887]

University of New South Wales General Staff Award 2003 [AP830787]

Charles Darwin University General Staff Award [AP832941]

The University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy General Staff Award 2003 [AP830788]

University of Technology, Sydney, General Staff Award 2002 [AP818689]

Higher Education Contract of Employment Award

This Award (the HECE Award) defined the categories of employment available to universities. It placed restrictions on the use of fixed-term contracts and provided for notice of termination and severance pay for certain fixed-term employees.

Higher Education (Non-Continuing Contract Employment) Award 1996 [Print N7135]; which was superseded by:

Higher Education Contract of Employment Award 1998 [AP784204]

This award, in its final form, arose as a result of the following series of decisions which can be helpful in interpreting the HECE Award.

Full Bench decision of 18 August 1997 [P4083]
Full Bench decision of 21 November 1997 [P6856]
Full Bench decision of 11 May 1998 [Q0702]
Full Bench decision of 30 November 1999 [S1368]


Teachers (English Language Centres of Australian Universities) Conditions of Employment Award 1998 [AP800263] – applied to ELICOS or TESOL teachers employed by universities.

Assorted other Awards

Australian Film, Television and Radio School Award 2000 [AP809496]

University of Notre Dame Australia Academic Award 1999 [AP801722]

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research General Staff Conditions of Employment Award 1999 [AP803037]

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Academic Staff Award 2003 [AP822251]

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (General Staff) Conditions of Service Award 2003 [AP822796]

Bond University (General Staff) (Interim) Award 2003 [AP829418]

Bond University (English Language Institute) Award 2003 [AP830473]

Sector-wide Agreements (1988 – 1994)

Academic Second Tier Agreement (1988)

Academic Structural Efficiency Agreement (1991)

National Framework Agreement on Enterprise Bargaining between AHEIA and NTEU and other unions (General Staff) (1993)

National Framework Agreement on Enterprise Bargaining between AHEIA and NTEU (Academic staff) (1994)