Triaging Complaints

This practical workshop delivered in partnership with Grange Advisory will explore how conflict and complaints may arise and how they can be appropriately assessed and responded to in an effective and efficient manner with consideration of the relevant risk.

Determining the best approach when a complaint is raised is not always straightforward. However, there are some consistent considerations that can be made when responding to a complaint that can assist in ensuring complaints are treated appropriately, fairly, and in a considered manner.

Responding to conflict and workplace complaints can be challenging for a range of reasons, including that complaints can be general and lacking in detail, and there may be pressure to respond in a particular way.

Topics covered

  • Professional conduct in the workplace
  • Values, culture, policies, and processes – the difference these make and why they are important.
  • Overview of the relevant legal framework with a focus on bullying, discrimination, health and safety obligations, and sexual harassment.
  • Managing risks: including bullying claims, unfair dismissal, and adverse action.

Conflict and complaints

  • When, why, and how does conflict arise
  • Ways to minimise conflict
  • What gives rise to complaints

Assessing a complaint

  • What to do when faced with a complaint
  • Assessing the complaint
  • Clarifying the complaint for the purpose of triage
  • How to determine how to address the complaint

Responding to a complaint

  • Determining what the best response to a complaint is
  • Informal options
  • Formal options

Risk and stakeholder management

    • Recognising, assessing, and managing risks that may arise when a complaint is made and when determining how to respond to the complaint.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will gain an understanding of the regulatory framework around behaviour at work and be able to use this to develop and hone their judgment in dealing with workplace complaints. Participants will be able to identify workplace complaints, formulate options for dealing with the complaint and make informed judgements on the best response to dealing with a complaint.

Who should attend?

– HR/ER Professionals

– Managers

– Complaint contact officers


Would you like to become a Workplace Relations Specialist?

This workshop can be completed as part of our AHEIA Workplace Relations Specialist Accreditation.

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