Virtual Facilitation From Good to Great

Virtual environments are here to stay for meetings and events. In the space of a year, people’s virtual confidence has improved and capability has shifted from novice to advanced beginner, even capable performer. With virtual here to stay and people now more aware of their virtual strengths and opportunities, it’s time to take the virtual skills of leaders and facilitators to the next level.

Advanced techniques to engage your ‘zoom-fatigued’ audiences

AHEIA has partnered with Tonka Learning to bring you global facilitation expert and author, Professor Kendall Zoller from the USA to deliver an advanced Virtual Facilitation Skills program specifically for academics and professional service employees working in higher education.

Whether your audiences are 5 or 150, virtual or a hybrid of virtual and face-to-face, passive or highly interactive and for 30-minutes or 3-hours, this highly practical program will be sure to build sustainable virtual skills to turbo-charge your audience engagement.

Program Outcomes
  • Greater quality audience participation.
  • Improved follow through from virtual meetings and presentations.
  • Greater connection and community between audience members.
  • More trust, rapport and energy in the virtual room.
  • Greater constructive tension in the virtual room
  • Virtual leaders/facilitators focusing on the right things in preparation for meetings and presentations.
  • Greater satisfaction from virtual leaders; virtual facilitation becomes more innate and effortless.


Learning Objectives
  • At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Identify challenges to the virtual environment, knowing which behaviours to encourage and which ones to abate.
  • Create community in the virtual room.
  • Develop their communicative intelligence (CI) for virtual work, for example, listening virtually, managing non-verbals and posing questions.
  • Hold the virtual space and have a voice.
  • Make visible the invisible.
  • Influence energy and build virtual rapport.
  • Create productive states in resistance.
  • Manage audience Q&A and reframe audience emotion and value/what’s important to them.
  • Use word choices to build inclusion.
  • Engage split audiences; where some are face-to-face, and others are virtual.
  • Become more of their authentic self.


Program Structure

Pre-work – Pre-reading and virtual facilitation skills assessment

Workshop 1 – 4 hour workshop delivered by professor kendall zoller

Workshop 2 – 4 hour workshop delivered by professor kendall zoller

Embedding activities – post-workshop resource kit and application activities


Who should attend?

Recommended for virtual leaders/facilitators needing to focusing on the right things in preparation for meetings presentations and virtual workshop delivery.

Kendall Zoller

Kendall Zoller, EdD, is an author, educator, researcher and international presenter in communicative intelligence, presentation skills, facilitation skills and leadership. He is co-author of The Choreography of Presenting: The 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters (2010).

Kendall has worked with schools and organisations all over the world, including extensive work across all of Asia and North America as well as Europe and Australia. Kendall has worked in the virtual space for more than 10 years and continues to deliver sold out virtual facilitation workshops.

Kendall has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Masters in Educational Management.

“'Kendall was amazing. He modelled what was presented, created a safe environment, his passion.....what a pleasure'”

“'Extremely valuable use of my time. I learnt a lot and will put it into practice immediately. I will be promoting this course to my colleagues. Great work Kendall - you are fabulous. Thank you!'”

“'The content was great but it was also the atmosphere, didn't feel like a training session'”