Leading Team Success

Do you want to create a passionate and productive team? Leading Team Success will assist you in aligning, engaging, and motivating your team for successful outcomes. This program, delivered in partnership with The Performance Edge, will help you understand and adapt your leadership skills.

Leading Team Success will help you understand and adapt your leadership skills to motivate individuals and teams for success.

You will use evidence-based models to assist you in aligning, engaging, motivating, and navigating for successful outcomes and be supported with pre and post-program resources and activities and individual coaching throughout the program. This program, delivered in partnership with The Performance Edge, will help you understand and adapt your leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine and learn how to tackle the top 5 pain points of managing teams
  • Understand your leadership style and your natural areas of strength
  • Adapt your style to get the best from individuals and teams
  • Create a team culture where all members are engaged and working towards common goals
  • Harness a positive mindset to overcome challenges and excel in your areas of influence
  • Increase your confidence to manage challenging situations, including giving feedback and having difficult conversations
  • Delegate effectively, so you’re not doing it all


Session 1 – Team Dynamics

  • Stages of team development
  • Five dysfunctions of a team
  • Enabling high performance
  • The Successful Team Formula

Session 2 – Leading a High-Performance Team

  • Leadership styles
  • Team /Individual motivation
  • Practical tools
  • Team charters

Session 3 – Managing Performance

  • Performance management
  • Dealing with underperformance
  • Giving timely feedback
  • Applying university policies

Session 4 – Difficult Conversations

  • Turning difficult into successful
  • Feedback models
  • Script your conversation
  • Deliver (Real Play) the discussion with coaching and feedback
Who should attend?

We recommend it for new and emerging line managers or those wanting to refresh their leadership skills.


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Clint Rahe – Director – The Performance Edge Training and Consulting

Clint is a leadership development specialist with over 15 years of experience driving organisational transformational change. He is highly skilled at custom-designed leadership solutions, engaging various stakeholders to deliver innovative and tailored coaching/development programs. Clint coaches individuals and supports organisations to drive long-term behaviour change, improve leadership culture and boost business performance.

Clint has a diverse background consulting across various industries, including Higher Education, Agribusiness, Logistic and Supply Chain, Construction, Airlines, Automotive, Health, Fitness, Sport, and Defence.