Leading Self

Developing your self-awareness is key to productivity, healthy relationships, and your self-confidence. This program delivered in partnership with The Performance Edge will identify your strengths and areas in which you can improve. You will gain strategies which will motivate and assist you to achieve great results. You will be supported with individual coaching throughout the program as well as pre and post program resources.

Learning Outcomes
  • Increased self-confidence and awareness of strengths and areas in which you can improve
  • Practical strategy and plan for achieving your goals
  • Effective influencing skills
Session 1 – Self Awareness
  • Develop self-awareness using the DiSC model
  • Identify actions to become more intentional with your leadership
  • Build you personal brand to be more intentional and effective
Session 2 – Personal Productivity
  • Understand your personal productivity style
  • Learn how to become more productive
  • Discover how to lead your day rather than your day leading you
Session 3 – Influencing and Persuading
  • Distinguish the different levels of leadership communication
  • Understand how to influence as an individual leader
  • Understand the leader’s role in communication
  • Identify best practice in how to communicate as a leader
Session 4  – Personal Brand
  • Build your personal brand
Who should attend?
  • Individual contributors
  • Individuals preparing for a leadership roles
  • Individuals interested in focusing on identifying your strengths and areas in which you can improve.
Clint Rahe – Director – The Performance Edge Training and Consulting

Clint is a leadership development specialist with over 15 years’ experience driving transformational change for organisations. He is highly skilled at custom designed leadership solutions, engaging a range of stakeholders to deliver innovative and tailored coaching/development programs. Clint coaches individuals and supports organisations to drive long-term behaviour change, improve leadership culture and boost business performance.

Clint has a diverse background consulting across a broad range of industries including Higher Education, Agribusiness, Logistic and Supply Chain, Construction, Airlines, Automotive, Health, Fitness, Sport and Defence.