Leading Change

Research shows that 75% of change initiatives fail. Why? Managing change successfully requires leaders to deal effectively with both the structural side of leading change and the human dynamic of transition

As change agents, we understand that change management will be essential to the future of Universities in the higher education sector.

The leading change program will use evidence-based models to explain the best practice for successful change management.   Research shows 70% of organisational change programs fail to achieve their goals.  Organisations focus on the process of change but fail to engage the workforce in the transition from old ways of working to new ways of working effectively, this causes a myriad of lost productivity, burnout, increased workloads, and ultimately failed change management.

In this short program, we will be focused on understanding the process of change and the effect it has on people and identifying the mechanisms for managing a successful transition to new ways of working.

This program is split into 2 parts.  The first part will be focussed on the personal change journey, equipping you with the tools and strategies to navigate change on an individual level.  Part 2 is focused on organisational change, understanding the role of a leader and the impact change has on the workforce.  We will discuss the practical strategies and tools for effectively managing change with your team, enabling them to take action and feel included in the process.

At the end of this session, you will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence how to take a proactive approach to lead change and manage the transition.

Who is it for

·         Managers responsible for implementing and preparing for change

·         Teams experiencing change

·         Individuals experiencing workplace change

Learning Outcomes

·         Identify the difference between change and transition

·         Understanding the individual change journey

·         Identify tools to effectively navigate personal & organizational change

·         Understand your role in leading change


Session 1

·         Change vs Transition

·         How change happens

·         Human psychology of change

·         Change curve

Session 2

·         Organisational change

·         The transition from old to new

·         Resistance to change

·         Transition plan

This workshop includes the benefit of one on one coaching with the facilitator.


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Clint Rahe - The Performance Edge - Training and Consulting

Clint Rahe – Director – The Performance Edge Training and Consulting
Clint is a leadership development specialist with over 15 years’ of experience driving transformational change for organisations. He is highly skilled at custom designed leadership solutions, engaging a range of stakeholders to deliver innovative and tailored coaching/development programs. Clint coaches individuals and supports organisations to drive long-term behaviour change, improve leadership culture and boost business performance.

Clint has a diverse background consulting across a broad range of industries including Higher Education, Agribusiness, Logistic and Supply Chain, Construction, Airlines, Automotive, Health, Fitness, Sport, and Defence.