Minimising conflict and responding to complaints.

Meet Jodie Fox, Director Worklogic and hear about the AHEIA and Worklogic partnership programs. 


What is a ‘real’ complaint? Is it office gossip or a genuine risk to your employees? How do I tell whether it is serious or not?

As an HR professional, you need to be able to respond to conflict, inappropriate behaviour and complaints, often when tensions are high and the pressure is on to take action. The earlier a complaint is recognised and assessed, the faster it will be resolved. In this practical training program delivered in partnership with Worklogic we will explore the causes of conflict, ways to minimise it and how to assess and respond to complaints quickly and effectively, after considering the options and determining the best way forward.

As part of the program, participants will be required to complete a 1-hour online on demand video tutorial “Professional Conduct in the Workplace: Bullying, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and other Inappropriate Conduct.”


Topics covered:
Professional Conduct in the Workplace Video Tutorial

Values, Culture, Policies and Rules: The difference they make

  • The Minimum Standard (Law)
  • Discrimination
  • Adverse action
  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • Bullying
  • Occupational violence
  • Victimisation and Vilification
Triage Workshop – Minimising conflict and responding to complaints

Addressing conflict effectively:

  • The causes of conflict
  • High performing workplaces
  • Ways to minimise conflict.

What to do when faced with complaints and allegations:

  • ‘Triaging’ complaints – choosing the best way forward
  • Assessing the complaint
  • Clarifying the complaint but maintaining limits.

What is the best response?

  • Informal options
  • Formal options.

Managing risks:

  • Including bullying claims, unfair dismissal, adverse action.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of the regulatory framework around behaviour at work and be able to use this to develop and hone their judgment in dealing with workplace complaints. Participants will be able to identify workplace complaints, formulate options for dealing with the complaint and make informed judgements on the best response to dealing with a complaint.


Who should attend?

Recommended for all University managers, HR professionals and Compliance Officers.


This workshop will be facilitated by one of Worklogic’s experienced facilitators. Link to bios.