AHEIA Digital Badges

We’re committed to helping you recognise and celebrate your successes. Upon completing our workshops and accreditation pathways in 2023, we introduce AHEIA Digital Badges.

Digital Badges are a great way to share the accomplishments you’ve achieved.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are a great way to showcase your professional accomplishments and growth. Each badge is encoded with secure and verifiable data, making them easily accessible and shareable across online platforms.

Not only do they allow you to celebrate your progress, but also give you the confidence of knowing that anyone can validate your achievements at any time from anywhere.

What are the Benefits?

Recognise skills: Provide recognition for acquiring new skills.

Visible competencies: Managers can quickly view team members’ skill sets.

Encourage learning: Encourages individuals to expand their knowledge and expertise.

Track progress: Individuals can see how they are tracking toward their learning goals.

How can you achieve a Digital Badge?

Complete one of the AHEIA Workshops or Accreditation Pathways below and receive a Digital Badge and Certification.

Accreditation Pathways:

How can it be used?

Display your professional accomplishments with a digital badge! Showcase your skills by adding the badge to your LinkedIn profile, Resume, and Email signature – making you stand out and promote yourself as an expert in your field.

What does it look like?

Here are some examples of the AHEIA digital badge you will receive after completing your workshops and accreditation.

example aheia digital badge workplace relations specialistexample aheia digital badge leading change

When will you receive your Digital Badge?

Once you’ve completed your AHEIA Workshop or Accreditation, you’ll receive your Digital Badge soon after by email from Learning Vault – an expert in digital badges and online credentials. Which you can easily download and share straight away.


To find out more about our AHEIA Digital Badges:

Jillian Bowen, Director, Learning and Experience

Phone (03) 8611 0504

Email training@aheia.edu.au