Effective Investigative Interviewing

Meet Jodie Fox, Director Worklogic and hear about the AHEIA and Worklogic partnership programs.


Whether you need to conduct interviews in an in-house workplace investigation, or an important conversation with an employee, knowing how to elicit the most reliable information through investigative interviewing, and how to record the information gathered, is crucial. This workshop delivered in partnership with Worklogic will provide you with practical information and useful techniques to assist you.


Topics covered:
Recording Information during Interviews
  • Typed, handwritten or audio recording?
  • How to take good notes
  • Issues that arise during interviews
  • Practical exercises in effective note-taking
  • Record keeping, retention and regulation
Investigative Interview Techniques
  • Why investigative interviewing is so important
  • Barriers to communication
  • Memory and how it works
  • What is a conversation?
  • What is telling?
  • What is listening?
  • Types of witnesses
  • Interview planning
  • Interview conduct – process and appropriate questioning techniques
  • Dealing with poor behaviour


Learning Outcomes

Participants of the Effective Investigative Interviewing program will learn the practical skills to conduct reliable and detailed interviews for either investigations or important conversations. Participants learn effective and fair interview techniques as well as structured frameworks on recording information during an investigation.


Who should attend?

Recommended for University staff who are required to conduct investigative interviews in an in-house workplace investigation, or an important conversation with an employee including:

  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Compliance officers



This workshop will be facilitated by one of Worklogic’s experienced facilitators. Link to bios.