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New AHEIA Accreditation

Take the next step in your career and become an AHEIA Accredited Specialist in Workplace Relations, Workplace Investigations, or Enterprise Bargaining.

AHEIA’s Specialist Accreditation Pathways can help unlock your full potential with industry-specific training delivered by expert educators!

Designed to give you the skills and a deep understanding of key topics in Workplace Relations (WR) and Industrial Relations (IR) specialist areas.

Highlight your digital credentials that can be validated, recognised, and proudly shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

How does it work?

Simply choose the Accreditation Pathway that suits your professional development needs.

  • Complete the required workshops that make up the specialist accreditation within a 2 year period.
  • Receive a digital badge for each workshop you complete.
  • On completion of all workshops, you will receive a digital certificate in recognition of your new AHEIA Specialist Accreditation.

Benefits of AHEIA Accreditation Programs

  • Delivered by a team of qualified industrial relations, legal and education professionals with sector experience.
  • Practical, relevant, and current learning content.
  • Interactive and participatory workshops delivered virtually using a mix of facilitated discussions, group activities, and case studies to develop your knowledge, skills, and confidence.
  • Learn and engage with your colleagues across the sector.


Workplace Relations Specialist

This accreditation pathway is designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge needed to manage workplace relations effectively. Through this accreditation pathway, you’ll gain knowledge on the following topics: employment law, contracts, policies & procedures, awards & agreements, termination of employment, and conflict resolution. You’ll also learn how to assess a complaint; respond to it effectively; risk & stakeholder management; goals of an investigation; natural justice principles and procedural fairness during an inquiry; scope of complaint to allegation examination; and collect/assess the evidence.

Workplace Relations Specialist Accreditation Workshops:


Workplace Investigations Specialist

This accreditation pathway provides you with a sector-specific perspective on the fundamentals of workplace investigations. You’ll learn key concepts such as understanding the purpose and goals of an investigation, recognising hallmarks of good process, how to delineate scope from complaint to allegation, managing participants, collecting, and assessing evidence for reliable findings, common procedural issues, and what makes up a successful investigation report. In this accreditation pathway, you’ll learn all about proper procedures to ensure fairness in workplace investigations at your university/institution.

Workplace Investigations Specialist Accreditation Workshops:


Enterprise Bargaining Specialist

The Enterprise Bargaining accreditation pathway provides you with a comprehensive understanding of enterprise bargaining in the higher education sector. Our experienced facilitators have decades of collective experience in the sector, equipping them to cover essential topics such as: preparing for negotiations, engaging with all stakeholders, preventing industrial action, and finalising agreements. In this accreditation pathway, you will gain insights into each stage of the complex bargaining process to support successful enterprise bargaining outcomes.

Enterprise Bargaining Specialist Accreditation Workshops:

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Get started with one of our AHEIA Specialist Accreditation Pathways in 2023!

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