Wrapping the round

Finalising enterprise bargain negotiations

This AHEIA member-only workshop was presented by Kingston Reid Lawyers.

With more than half of our members still to finalise a new enterprise agreement, AHEIA invited Steven Amendola and Brendan Milne of Kingston Reid Lawyers, to hold a member workshop tabling options for finalising negotiations.

The workshop will focused on the use of Section 240 of the Act, given the recent changes to the Act giving prominence to this provision. Section 240 of the Act enables any party in enterprise bargaining negotiations to request a conciliation conference in Fair Work Commission, with all parties required to attend and participate.

Newcastle University’s recent successful use of the provision illustrates its effectiveness, with the FWC playing a significant role in resolving the stalled negotiations after two plus years of bargaining.

Steven and Brendan provided a practical overview of section 240 so participants had a thorough understanding of both the operational and strategic elements of this provision, as well as the opportunity to consider what other options might be available to finalise agreements.

This is an AHEIA member-only resource.