AHEIA Training Network Meetings

AHEIA Networking Groups

We’re really pleased to facilitate bringing our members together to learn, collaborate and network.
Our members generously support each other across three valuable networking groups.

Organisation Development (OD) Network
The AHEIA OD Network was established in 2013 evolving from a meeting of Directors Organisation Development held at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth on 31 October 2013.  Prior to the Network being established there were other L&D networks across the sector, but we are unclear on the detail.  This inaugural 2013 AHEIA OD Network meeting was attended by the OD Managers from Australian Catholic University, Curtin University, Charles Darwin University, University of Canberra, University of South Australia, University of Western Sydney (now Western Sydney University), and Victoria University. In the following months Tony Brown, Senior Consultant, Leadership, Curtin University (at the time) and ATEM Institutional Coordinator welcomed Gerard to the Australasian Higher Education Developers (AHED) Network and suggested that Gerard speak with Paul Abela, the then Executive Director of ATEM.  Since this time, ATEM and AHEIA have partnered to facilitate an annual OD Symposium.

The AHEIA OD Network meets virtually four times a year (quarterly) for 90 minutes and comes together for an annual OD Symposium as well as extraordinary meetings with guest presenters throughout the year. Network members support each other with all things OD – information sharing, collaboration and presenting research and projects.  The OD Network has over eighty members from 33 universities across Australia.

Higher Education Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Employee Experience (TAREE) Network
In late 2020, Kristie Husk, Manager, Talent and Employee Experience, Federation University and Stacey Kelly, Manager Talent Acquisition, Deakin University (at the time) contacted Gerard Grant to enquire about the establishment of a Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Employee Experience network.  Kristie and Stacey had heard about the AHEIA OD Network and believed it would be valuable to establish a network with their peers. An inaugural meeting of TAREE practitioners was held on 24 November 2020. With a focus on discussion of challenges and opportunities the sector is facing, the purpose of the TAREE network community is to share information and assist members to develop and implement practical tools and strategies to support recruitment, talent acquisition and employee experience teams to continue to work effectively now, and into the future.

The HE TAREE Network meets virtually six times a year (bi-monthly) for 90 minutes to collaborate on the talent acquisition and employee experience challenges and opportunities the sector is facing. Meetings are co-chaired on a rotational basis by two network members. The network currently has 35 members from 23 universities across Australia and New Zealand.

AHEIA Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)Network
The AHEIA Strategic Workforce Planning Network (SWP) was established in May 2021 following a request by Carlie McQuillan, Strategic Workforce Planning Specialist (at the time), University of Newcastle to Gerard Grant, Manager Learning and Development, AHEIA.  The inaugural meeting of the group was held on 17 June 2021.

The AHEIA SWP Network meets virtually four times a year (quarterly) for 90 minutes providing an opportunity for workforce planning practitioners to meet with colleagues in similar roles across the sector, collaborate on resource development, share information, experience, and resources.  The network supports members to embed SWP within their university. The network currently has 25 members from 13 universities across Australia.

Members of the AHEIA Network Communities:

  • encourage all members to participate
  • respect differing opinions
  • discuss matters openly and honestly
  • keep matters discussed and information provided confidential when asked to do so
  • inform AHEIA of any staffing changes that impact membership of the network

If you would like to join any of these network communities or have any questions please contact Gerard Grant, Manager Learning and Development or Annemarie Comerford, Creative Design and Learning Consultant, AHEIA Training.

Gerard Grant – – (03) 8611 0513
Annemarie Comerford – – (03) 8611 0504

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