AHEIA Culture of Excellence

The Australian Higher Education Industrial Association is proud to bring the AHEIA Culture of Excellence Program to member universities

AHEIA has partnered with the national Bully Zero Foundation and Coach Pty Ltd to develop a comprehensive workforce culture program that demonstrably fosters supportive, respectful, positive-behaviour cultures with zero tolerance for bullying.

The support – called the AHEIA Culture of Excellence Program – is a 36-month service partnership that equips leaders to:

–  grow inclusive, safe, high-performance workforce cultures

–  position and brand their university as a genuine culture leader.

At the heart of the Culture of Excellence Program is a set of innovative online programs, and people and culture supports that drive positive communication behaviour changes across your university. The Program is grounded in theories of positive behaviour-change, communication skilling and interpersonal neurobiology and has been explicitly mapped to the new standards set by Safe Work Australia. The new national guidelines call on leaders to use resources and processes to prevent, eliminate and minimise workplace bullying, harassment and aggression.

We see many Australian organisations suffer legally and reputationally for perceptions of allowing cultures of bullying, harassment and disrespect. At times because of isolated stories, reports, cases or comments that reach media or social media. We are keen to guard our members against that risk by providing a nationally recognised bullying prevention brand, and support to demonstrate their commitment to growing socially safe cultures.

Step 1

Look over the Program Prospectus.

Step 2

Call Gerard Grant to discuss on 0413 261 754

Step 3

Become an AHEIA Culture of Excellence University


AHEIA Culture of Excellence - Martyn Campbell
AHEIA Culture of Excellence - CQUniversity
AHEIA Culture of Excellence, ‘Class Act’ Program. Director HR, Edith Cowan University, Jenny Robertson.

Our Partners


We bring the AHEIA Culture of Excellence Program to our members alongside Coach Pty Ltd—a high-calibre specialist in workforce communication culture change working heavily in the education, higher education, public and private sectors throughout Australia and internationally. Coach supports leaders to foster psychologically safe, supportive, high-performance workplace behaviours across their organisations.


The AHEIA Culture of Excellence Program comes with the unique endorsement of the Bully Zero Foundation, the national leaders in bullying prevention, education and awareness. Bully Zero is an Australian not for profit that works to reduce and prevent all types of bullying across Australia. Adopting universities gain the use of the Bully Zero Culture of Excellence brand on all chosen internal and external communication.