2013 - A World of Change

Day 1 – Thursday, 31 October 2013

Rethinking HR in a Changing World – A technology perspective

Speakers: David Pare РDirector, IT Advisory, KPMG / Linda Williamson РDirector, IT Advisory, KPMG

Equipping Managers to Manage Effectively at UWA

Speakers: Robert Farrelly – Director, Human Resources, University of Western Australia / Paul Wilson – HR Applications Manager, University of Western Australia

The Ageing Workforce and Barriers to Mature Age Employment

Speaker: Dr Ruth Williams – Research Fellow, National Senior Australia

Day 2 – Friday, 1 November 2013

Reshaping the Academic Workforce – Curtin University

Speakers: William Ryan – Director, Human Resources, Curtin University / Professor Jo Ward – Head, School of Science, Curtin University

The Highs and Lows of Leadership Skills in Universities

Speaker: Dr Peter Langford – Director, Voice Project

The Transformative Power of Strategic Talent Management

Speaker: Karen Evans – Managing Director, Asia Pacific, NGA.Net / Edgar Kautzner – Director, Global Talent/Analytics, NGA.Net

Breaking the Shackles: What can HR do to meet the Challenges confronting Universities?

Speaker: Elizabeth Bare – Fellow, LH Martin Institute

How to write powerful online job copy that attracts the best talent worldwide

Speaker: Jeremy Pointer – Global Business Development Director, Jobs.ac.uk

AIMing to Change the Way We Change: Building Change Agent Capacity

Speakers: Paul Lefebvre – Vice President, People and Culture, Victoria University / Sarah Wood – General Manager, People and Organisational Development, Victoria University

Strategic Workforce Planning and Analytics During University Sector Change

Speakers: Olivia Tsen – Principal, Talent-Leadership and Organisational Performance, Mercer / Ephraim Spehrer-Patrick – Leader, Workforce Strategy and Planning, Mercer

Social media in HR practice – An ethical double-edged sword

Speaker: Karen Sutherland – Assistant Lecturer, School of Applied Media and Social Studies, Monash University

Talent Acquisitions and Management through Socail Media

Speaker: Tim Grogan – Head of Solutions, Asia Pacific LinkedIn, Australia